Floral Paintings both Whimsical and Realistic

This whimsical floral painting is Chalkboard Ending, a 20”x21” mixed media on canvas with wood chalkboard ledge and chalk. An interactive piece it lets you come up with your own ending to the well known verse “Roses are Red, Violets are blue, Sugar is Sweet and”. Here are two examples of endings that people have.

 If anyone knows what the 2nd ending says, please let me know! This is the first of 2 interactive pieces I have done, the other is called Chalkbird Ending and is under my art gallery figurative categorie.

2 floral paintings evelyn m

Above left is Standing Tall. It is a watercolour flower with a hidden surprise. Just below the bottom left petal a woman takes shelter – can you see her? Above right is White Poppies, an 24”x36” acrylic on canvas.

3 floral paintings evelyn m

Red Orchid and Quince Flowers are both 20”x30” watercolours on board framed with double (orchid) and triple (quince) matting.

4 floral paintings evelyn m

Rain Kissed Tulips is a 12”x36” mixed media on canvas. It is my most popular fine art magnet in a floral image.

6 floral paintings evelyn m

1 Fun Flower comes in red, blue and white. Each an 8”x8” mixed media painting on canvas they are also each part of my fine art earrings collection.

 Over the past several years I have had the honour of writing design articles for the following publications;






 Evelyn M

As an artist I find both my interior design projects and the articles that I write influence the subject matter and type of art that I do.

Here are some of my original paintings in their forever homes;

2 evelyn m art forever home

3 evelyn m art forever home

4 evelyn m art forever home

5 evelyn m art forever home

6 evelyn m art forever home

7 evelyn m art forever home

8 evelyn m art forever home