Holiday Dog Toys; 45 Different ways to Deck the Floors

All dog owners have a few dog toys scattered around on the floors and it would be a missed opportunity not to Deck the floors with a few (or more) holiday dog toys that both dogs and their humans can enjoy.

These vintage looking tree lights by Planet Dog are the perfect way to add a bit of seasonal cheer and introduce a few pops of colour at the same time.
2 holiday dog toys
Holiday Dog Toys come in all shapes and sizes, they even come in giant candy camouflage, although I don’t think this pooch is fooled for one moment.
Planet Dog
3 holiday dog toys
Planet Dog obviously has a sense of humour, who else would create a bouncing ball of black coal or white snow.
4 holiday dog toys
Planet Dog Holiday dog balls also come in merry, peace and shalom.
5 holiday dog toys
Harry Barker Reindeer and Santa holiday dog toys are designed with serious retro flare, These dog toys are canvas and are stuffed with eco-friendly fibrefill made from recycled plastic bottles and the Reindeer has a squeaker hidden inside.
6 holiday dog toys
The Harry Barker penguins is made from the same canvas and eco fill and also have a squeaker hidden inside while the colourful pinecones are made from a pet safe rubber for the most aggressive chewers.
7 holiday dog toys
Each of these Santa’s Little Squeakers by P.L..A.Y. is handmade with doubled inverse stitching for durability and each meets the quality standards set for human infant and toddler manufacturing. Each has a squeaker and an in-house eco-friendly soft PlanetFill polyfibre made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.
8 holiday dog toys
Each of the Santa’s Little Squeakers by P.L..A.Y. is washer/dryer friendly  and each has a different holiday pattern. There are snowflakes, Peace and Joy, Candy Wrap, Starlight Star bright and Jubilee.
9 holiday dog toys
P.L.A.Y. has created three holiday dog toys inspired by Hanukkah’s most iconic symbols so now your pooch can also celebrate the festival of lights.
10 holiday dog toys
Jax and Bones has some of the cutest holiday dog toys made from rope.
11 holiday dog toys
Jax and Bones also has a series of holiday dog toys called woollies. I love the leggy design of these.
12 holiday dog toys
While moose might not be a traditional holiday toy, here in Canada we embrace them as part of the holiday season and thanks to Jax and Bones dogs everywhere can embrace them too.
13 holiday dog toys
These three woollies by Jax and Bones are each completely differenet and each a great way to deck your floors.
14 holiday dog toys
These Jax and  Bones woollies are more cartoony then the others for the child at heart humans and canines.
15 holiday dog toys
I’m not sure where the Ape is a holiday standard but who cares, this ape is adorable. I d Pet is known for their non-standard dog toys and the holiday dog toys are no exception. You can even get a personalized Christmas letter dog toy with your pooch’s name printed on it.
16 holiday dog toys
Remember corduroy? It may not be a popular choice for pants anymore but it sure is pup-ular when it comes to these I d Pet holiday dog toys.
17 holiday dog toys
The legs on these I d Pet holiday dog toys make them really easy to toss about for a game of fetch.
18 holiday dog toys
If you think corduroy is a blast from the past, what about this shag I d Pet  candy cane!
Waggo has created these rubber snowflakes from rubber so that they can be played with inside and outside – even in the snow. Imagine that, a snowflake holiday dog toy amongst mother nature’s snowflakes, paw-some!
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