Indoor Reindeer Lamps; 12 beautiful designs

Nature inspired designs resonate with every season and Christmas is no exception. Reindeer’s pop up everywhere, in the garden, on the mantle, on the tree and even as indoor lamps, many of the designs are beautiful and neutral enough to be used all year round.


2 indoor reindeer lamps

Chen Bikovski began her Pop Up lamp series with her iconic reindeer design. “The idea was to create a permanent light fixture that would bring a magical ambiance to any space”. Her successful indoor reindeer lamp spawned the addition of her peacock and cactus lamps.


3 indoor reindeer lamps

Pop Up lamps brings back the surprise and innocence of pop-up books and cards so it is no wonder Chen Bikovski’s aluminum and cardboard Deer Had lamps are as popular as they are.


4 indoor reindeer lamps

This beautiful LED 3D geometric Deer Lamp comes with a wooden base that doubles as a USB charging station, making it perfect for a coffee table desk or bedside table. What a great way to incorporate function and Christmas into a guest room.


5 indoor reindeer lamps

The lace affect of these indoor reindeer lamps is created with 3D printing and gloss white paint. Designed by Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques, they are a part of a fuller safari collection that includes an elephant, a giraffe, a bear and a bird.


6 indoor reindeer lamps

Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques joined forces to create LPJacques Studio where their safari collection and especially their indoor reindeer lamp have become one of their most successful designs to date.


7 indoor reindeer lamps

While listed as an outdoor lamp, because of its sculptural quality, the Neon Style Deer Silhouette would be equally at home indoors. Lit with the softer yellow toned neon style LEDs it adds a touch of Alpine chic to a den, family room, living room or even as a bedroom headboard wall statement.


8 indoor reindeer lamps

The Stag Chrome Table Lamps is both traditional and modern with its beautiful Reindeer sculpted base and simple shade. When the LEDs are turned on the base literally sparkles with reflections like sunlight filtering through a dense forest.


9 indoor reindeer lamps

This Magical Light Up Deer Head is made from strong metal wire and is adorned with 80 warm white LEDs. This design adds a touch of whimsical magic to any space it overlooks.


10 indoor reindeer lamps

An indoor outdoor design, the Stag Silhouette combines both the look of a neon sculpture and the look of individual lights with its 70 warm LEDs


11 indoor reindeer lamps

Completely different, the traditional Majestic Deer Wall Light (above left) and the Neon Flex Reindeer Rope Light (above right) would make a fun and beautiful pairing as part of a gallery wall display that just happens to light up.


12 indoor reindeer lamps

Marquis lights are a great way to add a bit of vintage flair to your décor and this Reindeer Head with Lights will do just that. This wood cut out design is a good way to incorporate a propped up design onto a shelf or a mantle as well.


13 indoor reindeer lamps

The Festive LED Decorative Reindeer Light Box is small and is perfect for tiny spaces. With a distressed shabby chic wood box, the woodland scene glows with warm LEDs and can easily be paired with faux snow or other small Christmas décor items.


14 indoor reindeer lamps

If you like the idea of adding indoor reindeer lamps to your Christmas décor but would prefer them to be a little less “deer like” once the season is over. These Deer Buck Hunter lamps are the solution. When the season is over simply swap out the shade with another one of the Lamp in a Box designs like a whale, giraffe, truck etc. etc.


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