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Skull Lamp Designs that aren’t meant to Scare You

These fiercely fun skull lamp designs are bright, cheerful and not meant to scare you. Skull art has made it into our all year home décor and as such the skull designs have become friendlier and friendlier with skulls appearing to smile as if they are enjoying their home and those that live within it.

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Staircase with Human Sculptures reading by Abin Design Studio

Located on the outskirts of Bangalore in Karnataka, India this staircase with human sculptures was designed by Abin Design Studio to first and foremost create a connection with the earth outside so while the life-sized reading sculptures are the main focal point, the staircase itself rests on and is embedded in locally sourced Sadarahali granite.

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Cat Trees for Modern Homes by Aelfie and Michael Yarinsky

Originally designed and created for the ODD Experiments show the Yarfie series of cat trees for modern homes by Aelfie and Michael Varinsky where created to follow the criteria of “highly crafted pieces that have a much weaker grasp on the functional elements that make their design – design”.

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Evelyn M

We offer;

  • Interior Painting
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  • New Build Design
  • Millwork and Trim

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“I began my Interior Design career apprenticing with an architectural/engineering firm in Vancouver. I have my Associate of Interior Design from Douglas College; I spent an additional 3 years night school at BCIT studying building technology and 3 years night school at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. This combination of training gives me an all round approach to design from technical to creative and it is that all round approach that makes my design capabilities stand out.


 Over the past several years I have had the honour of writing design articles for the following publications;





Here are some of my original paintings in their forever homes;

2 evelyn m art forever home

3 evelyn m art forever home

4 evelyn m art forever home

5 evelyn m art forever home

6 evelyn m art forever home

7 evelyn m art forever home

8 evelyn m art forever home

A selection of my fine art paintings can be viewed under the art gallery tab while a list of my fine art products as well as our custom furniture designs can be viewed under the products tab.