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Clocks; 20 Truly Awesome Designs

1 clocks awesome designs

I am a real clock-watcher, I always want to know what time it is and have 7 clocks in various rooms around my home. As an artist and interior designer I want my clocks to be creative so it is no wonder I loved doing this post on 20 truly awesome clock designs.

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Quadra Island Home with Living Roof, Glass Floors & Naturally fed Pond

1 quadra island home living roof glass floors natural pond
Located on the east side of Quadra Island, BC, Canada and overlooking the Discovery islands as well as BCs mainland coast. Tula House is perched on a large boulder that protrudes out and over the beach below. This luxury home was designed by Patkau Architects to blend and work with its natural landscape and they did this by incorporating a green roof planted with moss and local ground covers, installing 2 glass floor inserts that overlook the beach below and designing a pool within the courtyard that is fed with a continuous flow of groundwater.

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Evelyn M 180x

Evelyn M

We offer;

  • Interior Painting
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  • Millwork and Trim

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“I began my Interior Design career apprenticing with an architectural/engineering firm in Vancouver. I have my Associate of Interior Design from Douglas College; I spent an additional 3 years night school at BCIT studying building technology and 3 years night school at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. This combination of training gives me an all round approach to design from technical to creative and it is that all round approach that makes my design capabilities stand out.


 Over the past several years I have had the honour of writing design articles for the following publications;





Here are some of my original paintings in their forever homes;

2 evelyn m art forever home

3 evelyn m art forever home

4 evelyn m art forever home

5 evelyn m art forever home

6 evelyn m art forever home

7 evelyn m art forever home

8 evelyn m art forever home

A selection of my fine art paintings can be viewed under the art gallery tab while a list of my fine art products as well as our custom furniture designs can be viewed under the products tab.