Custom Fireplaces both With and Without Media Centres

Fireplaces are a great way to create unique statements with tile, drywall or millwork. The choices are endless and whether they incorporate media centres, bookshelves or just a simple clean mantle, this is one area that homeowners can really express their individual tastes.

The Alder Street fireplace is a work of art with its solid 5x8 corner routered Douglas-fir posts on either side holding a built up fir mantle. Above the mantle is a horizontal grain Birds Eye Maple panel while below it is 3 horizontal grain Birds Eye Maple panels with Walnut, Maple and Purple Heart pinstriping between them. Both panels are removable for easy access to either wiring or the original firplace hearth.

2 custom fireplaces with without media centres evelyn m interiors

Both of these fireplaces are inset into wall niches but in completely different ways. The above left fireplace incorporates a Realstone façade framed out in 2x6 fir planks and a built up fir mantle. The original niche did not go up to the ceiling but was an inset cube.

The second (above right) niche goes right up to the ceiling with the new fireplace extending out and to the sides of it. The fireplace is a maple with Purple Heart inlays on the header. The mantle itself is unique with its angled sides and even the travertine mosaics have been specialized by removing some and replacing them with Raccu tiles. This fireplace has its muse in a traditional Macintosh Mantle.

3 custom fireplaces with without media centres evelyn m interiors

The fireplace media centre above left is from our Ash Street whole home renovation. Here the Douglas-fir fireplace and surrounding doors, drawers and shelves fill an otherwise ill positioned niche allowing the new units to line up flush with the wall.

The fireplace above right is set in front of the wall and features bookshelf units on either side of a fireplace. Made from Birds Eye Maple, Maple and Purple Heart with a small trim of mosaic tile around the fireplace, the millwork adds a dynamic to the room that is repeated in the kitchen’s new custom Barris Table.

4 custom fireplaces with without media centres evelyn m interiors

In our west coast Treeline project we covered a brick fireplace with grey Realstone and flanked it with built up fir posts and mantle. The hearth beneath the fireplace is black marble which is the same material used on the kitchen’s mosaic backsplash.

5a custom fireplaces with without media centres evelyn m interiors

The desire to have a mantle on this Ash Street fireplace was the start of a complete home renovation that included removing the floating two sided hearth, covering the pre-existing white painted bricks with Realstone and insetting a built up fir mantle over the fireplace. It also included new flooring, crown moulding and so much more.

6 custom fireplaces with without media centres evelyn m interiors

In our Vermont Place fireplace project we designed the pre-existing fireplace to have the look of real stone without taking up the space of real stone. The Stone look ceramic tiles are only 3/8” thick, allowing them to project into the room less than the 1x6 fir strips that run from the mantle to the ceiling.

7 custom fireplaces with without media centres evelyn m interiors

In our Oyster Garden project the focus was on the kitchen and bar area but the fireplace needed some work as well. The cabinetry in the kitchen and bar area featured book matched horizontal fir millwork so we added touches of fir to the fireplace as well via the new mantle and hearth surround.


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