Cat Shelters designed by LA Architects for FixNation Charity

Back in March’16 LA Architects designed 12 cat shelters for the Architects for Animals Giving Shelter charity to benefit FixNation and the results were a resounding creative success. Pictured here are two of the 12 cat shelters;

The design on the left is by WORD and Schmidt Designs. It has steel ramps with a stripe of clawable material centred on it, a Stainless Steel lookout station above and a tunnel of fun in the middle
Above right is a solid wood design of 1x1s called catSCAPe Shelter by HOK. It reminds me of a child’s wooden tumbling stacking tower.
2 cat shelters la architects fixnation charity

The fan favourite of the 12 cat shelters is the Cat in the Fish Bowl – Cat Bowl Shelter designed by Abramson Teiger Architects. It has everything from a closed cave with peek-a-boo holes to a faux grass perch on top. 
3 cat shelters la architects fixnation charity
You can’t have a series of architectural cat shelters without at least one mid-century interpretation and the honour for that goes to the Californian Cat Cube by Standard Architecture/Design.
4 cat shelters la architects fixnation charity
Above left is Catleidosope Shelter by Perkins & Will
Above right is the the Teatro de Gato or “Cat Theatre” by Pfeiffer Partners Architects which has a hidden compartment behind a pair of red curtains to a backstage ramp.
5 cat shelters la architects fixnation charity
This is the stacked plywood, 6 sided Silhouette Shelter by CallisonRTKL .         
6 cat shelters la architects fixnation charity
Above left is an outdoor design. Called the Cat-a-Tete Shelter, it is a bench design that faces in two directions. Designed by Formation Association, Arktura and BuroHappold. it also has a hidden cave beneath the backrests.
Above right is the Spiral Kitty Shelter by DSH which gives a cat both a place to hide and an upward funnel for hot air to escape while it’s loosely fitting scales create the pawfect scenery for cross ventilation.
7 cat shelters la architects fixnation charity
Who says cat shelters need to be just shelters? The Lunar Cat Lander by Knowhow Shop has it all from a feeding/watering station to moon holes that come with a black and white mouse just in case the moon is actually made of cheese.
8 cat shelters la architects fixnation charity
RNL’s design gets first prize for its name “The String Theory”, I am always in love with a good visual/word combo pun and this one gets 4 paws up. The “sewing” of each plywood section into a tension fit design that is literally held together by the red rope is also really cool.
9 cat shelters la architects fixnation charity
Kitty Kurves Shelter by Lehrer Architects reminds me of a drum set and I can just see a bit of rock and roll happening wherever this artsy design is located. All white, the shadow plays really rock the design and the 3 round blue mats, they’re just a bit of pop art fun.
Photography of cat shelters by Meghan Bob
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