Tree Design in Furniture: 15 Examples


The number one interior design trend is to bring nature and natural elements into the home so it is no wonder that furniture designers have become inspired with the great outdoors, especially trees. Tree design in furniture runs the gammot from abstract to the literal with some featuring real sections of trees, others made from wood to look like tree sections and still others made from metals and even embroidery.

Tree Design Furniture Made from Tree Sections

2 tree design furniture 15 examples

The Square Roots Table by Thomas de Lussac took 8 months to make. The oak stump was found, cleaned up and sanded before bing dovetail jointed into a tabletop that was also attached on the other end with a single tapered leg that was jointed with a Through Mortis.

Thomas de Lussac


3 tree design furniture 15 examples

Fallen Tree by Benjamin Graindorge is one of the more literal interpretations with actual tree branches seemingly growing from its bench seat as though the seat where the tree’s trunk.

Benjamin Graindorge


4 tree design furniture 15 examples

What I love about the Fusion Frames by Darryl Cox is how you can use these picture frames as wall hooks for a hat or a dog leash or even holiday bobbles.

Fusion Frames


5 tree design furniture 15 examples

Slabwood Shelving through Design Lush has such a raw appeal with its living wood walnut slabs and glass shelving. Its available with plank style wood too but the living edges is what really makes this design awesome.

Design Lush


6 tree design furniture 15 examples

John Houshmand really knows how to make a BIG impact with his tree designs; this dramatic dining table is made from a half log, 5 steel supports and a glass top. Not only does this table makes a big statement it is also huge in size at 516”Lx64”Dx30”W.

John Houshmand


7 tree design furniture 15 examples

Driftwood branches or trunk sections encased in acrylic by Michael Dawkins are like moments frozen in time. It is as though the branches are caught in a river ice flow.

Michael Dawkins

8 tree design furniture 15 examples

Michael Thomas Host of MTH Woodworks uses real sections of found logs in his Bloom Collection. The log chunks are then filled with or set into white resin to make these unique, no two are the same tables.

MTH Woodworks


Tree Design Furniture made from Wood to look like Trees

9 tree design furniture 15 examples

The Dining Table Angkor by Olivier Dolle uses one of its legs as the tree trunk and continues the graphic across the tabletop. Believe it or not 12th century temples at Angkor Wat in Cambodia inspired this contemporary graphic.

Olivier Dolle


10 tree design furniture 15 examples

A coat rack and a lamp, both that seem to be growing like trees from their chair or bench base are the designs of Kwon Jae Min. Both part of his Grow Up series the coat rack and lamp both come from the same slab of wood as their bases allowing the wood grain to be bookmatched.

Kwon Jae Min


11 tree design furniture 15 examples

Branch (Marked) Sofa is the design of Gert Wingardh and Sara Heider. A mixed media design that uses the wood base as the trunk and the upholstery as the branches via the embroidery, this design is fun, whimsical and totally modern.



12 tree design furniture 15 examples

Oliveir Dolle’s Bookshelf Tree Branch cleverly tapers the width of each end branch just like Mother Nature does.

Olivier Dolle


13 tree design furniture 15 examples

Always a fan of combining various woods, The Special Tree Cabinet and Sideboard in the Beyond Memory Collection by Insidherland really speak to me, but aside from the gorgeous wood grains within each of the “tree canopies”, the addition of copper or brass tree trunks really makes these two pieces sparkle.



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