10 Unusual examples of LED Design for your Home or Garden


LED designs have changed the course of lighting design, opening up the possibilities in new and creative ways and many designers taken it one step further by including LEDs in all sorts of designs for both your home and garden.

2 unusual examples led design home garden
LEDs are now embroidered into in drapery using integrated strip conductors and LED elements thanks to Creation Baumann. The are also handcrafted into unique wallpaper designs that are sure to light up any room thanks to Meystyle.
Creation Bauman

3 unusual examples led design home garden
Stone Forest chose a stone – Onyx – to combine with LED light panels. The stone is semi transparent and appears to glow from within but is actually illuminated from below. This unusual LED design is the SYNC drop in vessel sink.
Stone Forest

4 unusual examples led design home garden
Design Libero has also created a sink with integrated LEDs. The Aurora Washbasin also has the added feature of an integrated void designed to hold a small plant, shells, or even soap!

5 unusual examples led design home garden
The unusual LED design of the Aurora design continues into both a shower stall and a bathtub design. The complete collection uses LED RGBs so that  you can choose your favourite LED colour and change it at will.
Design Libero

6 unusual examples led design home garden
LED Table and “One thousand and one lights are Lumigraphs by Ingo Maaurer. Lumigraphs and Lumigraphies are LED light compositions that take on an artistic approach to lighting with many of them being sculptures of light rather than functional pieces.


7 unusual examples led design home garden
Amarist designed Cupiditas from a semi translucent Alabaster Stone. Using LED RGB Wi-Fi technology you can change the LED colour from your smart phone if you don’t like using remotes.

8 unusual examples led design home garden
As with all the unusual examples of LED design for your home or garden showcased here, the Cupiditas table by Amarist is just as beautiful with the LEDs turned off.

9 unusual examples led design home garden
The outdoor Bright Woods and Bright Stones furniture collections by Giancarlo Zema Design Group have their muse in the enchanted forests of fairytales. They are a signed, limited edition series that are made from wood with several rings voided out that are then filled with resin to expose the LED RGBs.
Giancarlo Zema Design Group

10 unusual examples led design home garden
The TwistyFire with LED lit base is the creation of Paul Gentile  through Officine Del Fuoco. A Bio Ethanol fireplace, it is as at home indoors as it is on a deck. Officine del Fuego

11 unusual examples led design home garden
Atlantis is cast from clear quartz resin that sits on a black powder coated base. Designed by McCollin Bryan it is lit from within by LEDs.
McCollin Bryan

12 unusual examples led design home garden
Saving the most unique example of LED Design for last, this very custom swimming pool by Cipriano Landscape Design features programmable LEDs for an ever-changing aesthetic in this Stradivarius Violin shaped swimming pool. Simpy WOW.

Cipriano Landscape Design

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