CATable and CATable 2.0 by LYCS Architecture

When you love those pets that reside in your home you only want the best for them. While most humans give the best food and toys to their pets, LYCS Architecture took it one step further and created designer furniture for his cats. Called CATable and CATable 2.0, these two designs are made with solid wood and are so gorgeous they are purr-fectly at home in any aesthetic.


2 catable lycs architecture

We all send a lot of time at a desk whether using a laptop or simply writing a grocery list. Cats like hanging out with us, usually on the paper, our laps or even on the laptop. CATable by LYCS Architecture was designed to create a space for cats to hang out with us while we use our desks.

3 catable lycs architecture

There is a void in the CATable top that lets our favourite kitties to pop up and say meow.

4 catable lycs architecture

The curvaceous form makes CATable as irresistible to humans as it is to cats. Our fur babies love the holes, we love the look.

5 catable lycs architecture

Gone will be the days of picking said cat up and putting her/him on the floor. Now Miss or Mister Meow can simply curl up inside CATable for a catnap while still keeping one eye on you.

6 catable lycs architecture

CATable is as beautiful from the back as it is in the front.

7 catable lycs architecture

With a large void in the back cats can jump into the CATable without disrupting your work or you.

8 catable lycs architecture

CATable is 150x70x78cm.

CATable 2.0

9 catable 2 lycs architecture

CATable 2.0 expands on CATable by creating a place just for cats that will also be a beautiful sculpture that any human can enjoy.

10 catable 2 lycs architecture

a collection of 4 modular designs, CATable 2.0 can be configured into a step formation for your cat to climb up.

11 catable 2 lycs architecture

The modular design can be built up, taken apart and rebuilt to change things up when you cat (s) become complacent with each layout.

12 catable 2 lycs architecture

As cat purr-fect as these cubes are, they can also be used as stools and small tables when used as single units or even a room divider when using many.

13 catable 2 lycs architecture

Some of the CATable 2.0 voids can be used to display human mementos or used to store a cat’s toys.

14 catable 2 lycs architecture

CATable 2.0 cubes are 40cm square.

15 catable catable 2 lycs architecture

LYCS Architecture


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