Bathroom Sinks; 25 Creative Designs

Sinks with creative designs can make any bathroom go from zero to hero in the décor department. Creative designs offer so much opportunity to express personal styles that it’s not a matter of “is there a sink for me?” it’s a matter of “which one (or two or three) of the many sinks out there should I choose?”


Bathroom Sinks; Wall Mounted

2 bathroom sinks creative designs

Skin by Lago appears as though it has peeled off of the wall, curling up in the process and morphed into a beautiful, and very creative sink. This version is stainless steel.


3 bathroom sinks creative designs

The Skin basin by Lago is also available in mosaic and resin versions. In this design the imagery of a wall peeling has been reinforced by leaving the supposed void “void” of tiles.


4 bathroom sinks creative designs

This Iconic Wing Washbasin design is as graceful as a swan. By Falper, Wing is even made from a 100% recyclable material – gotta love an environmentally friendly design that kicks – well - you know what.


5 bathroom sinks creative designs

These bathroom sinks appear to be pockets within the wall and they can even be painted to match your wall colour. Layer in the fact that they are lit with LEDs and these integrated wall sinks both blend and stand out – awesome. Ironically called Silence or Silenzio, it is the design of Antonio Lupi.


6 bathroom sinks creative designs

Wood bathroom sinks come in a wide range of wood types and each can be finished I a number of different finishes. They can be shaped, cut or designed is so many different ways, but they never loose their warm and cozy aesthetic. This bathroom sink is by Karpenter.


7 bathroom sinks creative designs

The Stone sink by ZAD Italy portrays a pair of large river stones, tumbled in the water until glossy smooth. It is the “art of the earth” and really takes on the calmness and peacefulness that Zen is all about. I love how in this version Stone is mounted on a wall of rough surfaced stones.


8 bathroom sinks creative designs

This is certainly one cup (or two) that you don’t want to “runneth over”. By Meneghello Paolelli Associati Cup even comes with its own towel holder in the form of the cup handle and cup holder in the form of a void. It would be fun to use a real cup in the holder.


Bathroom Sinks; Pedestal

9 bathroom sinks creative designs

Cup by Meneghello Paolelli Associati is just as much fun in its floor standing model and can be paired with a wall or floor mounted faucet.


10 bathroom sinks creative designs

Super modern, sort of organic and a bit strange, Loft Sink by Botinger & Roi pictured above left is an asymmetrical design that really appeals to the whimsical side of me.

The Spoon Sink and the award winning Spoon Urinal both by Philip Watts Design seem to defy gravity with their teeny tiny base design.


11 bathroom sinks creative designs

The Kalla bathroom sinks obviously have their muse in their namesake the Kalla Lilly. Designed by Oriano Favaretto for Mastella Design they truly are as beautiful as a flower.


12 bathroom sinks creative designs

Mullet bathroom sinksleave behind the neutrals for a more flamboyant Ferrari “Fly” yellow in silhouettes of angular lines and curved corners. By ZAD Italy, Mullet bathroom sinks flaunt their functionality with a definite “look at me” aesthetic and seriously need to be used in a home filled with art and sculpture.


13 bathroom sinks creative designs

Also by ZAD Italy, Ariel bathroom sinks are a pedestal design that presents an hour glass figure with a sexy fuchsia interior. Compact and durable the sinks are sold in singles or pairs but the combination of two really creates the WOW factor.


Bathroom Sinks; Trough

14 bathroom sinks creative designs

A custom design by Cheng Design, this amazing concrete trough sink even has a drawer and countertop centred between the two interconnected troughs. As at home in an industrial, Zen, nature inspired, modern or contemporary bathroom, it really has a versatile aesthetic. That said I have only one word to describe it – WOW!


15 bathroom sinks creative designs

Designed by Urban Concrete Countertops, the above left custom trough sink features a topographical sink that layer by layer deepens to its “lake bottom” which reveals a curved slit for the drain.

Also featuring a curved slit drain, but on a much grander scale, the above right trough sink by Gore Design Co. has a geometric profile that is simply gorgeous in its simplicity. While this is a custom design, Gore Design Co. also offers 12 similar but smaller designs.


Bathroom Sinks; Vessel

16 bathroom sinks creative designs

Wow – the idea for this wildly unusual marble sink called Birichino came from watching sea waves and what better muse for a sink then a water source? Designed by Purapietra, I so want to run my hand along the wet stone ripples - so visceral, so exciting.


17 bathroom sinks creative designs

The above sink – called Igiemme - is another one of the Think of Stone series designed by10 highly creative designers for Purapietra. Also organically inspired, this design is less geometric in its topographical profile.


18 bathroom sinks creative designs

Lake sink by Purapietra reminds me of a peaceful canoe, of course in real life I would want the water on the outside of the canoe but on the inside of the sink! Another of the Think of Stone vessil sinks, it too is a marble creation with the addition of two holders on either end. While this image features a candle and incense in the holders, they could just as easily hold soap or even a small plant such as a succulent.


19 bathroom sinks creative designs

Check out this Lotus Vanity by sonoBATH with its bent stone corners W-O-W. The bent corner even “hides” the drain and how cool is that?


20 bathroom sinks creative designs

The SonoBATH River Sink has a touch of nostalgia, some Zen and a whole lot of craftsmanship in its design. Can you read the meditative passage from Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha cut into the stone?


21 bathroom sinks creative designs

By Il Bagno Bandini, the Ocean Washbasin has a more abstract visual than most of the previous designs. I see a floating piece of wispy cloth, floating in the wind. Others see a turbulent surface to the ocean. Either way, it’s amazing how much movement are in these bathroom sinks.


22 bathroom sinks creative designs

Above left is Ambinetazione Zen, a sink that layers in a fun blast of eye popping red. By Sashimi it has a real pop art aesthetic to it and with its bright blast of red I oh so want to pair it with bright yellow towels, white walls and a bold blue ceiling.

More subdued in colour, Cashmere (above right) by Kreoo has a lip extension in its profile that that creates a place for soap close at hand – smart.


Bathroom Sinks; Undermount

23 bathroom sinks creative designs

If you prefer bathroom sinks to have a simple aesthetic then this “less is more” design by Lago just might be the perfect answer. An invisible sink, Wildwood is made from transparent glass and the effect is quite surreal. You could have so much fun deciding what to put beneath it!


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