Woven Laboni Dog Beds blend well with any Interior or Exterior decor

Designed by Volentis Gmbh, the woven Laboni pet beds are part of their Laboni modern pet line that includes feeders and toys. What I like about the Laboni Dog Beds is they leave the traditional look behind in favour of a more modern, pleasing, furniture aesthetic that blends well with any interior or exterior décor. The focus of the various designs is the weave and whether woven large or small the Laboni Dog Beds add a fun and comfortable touch that both you and your pet will love.

2 woven laboni dog beds

Bellini is a beautiful way to give your dog a sheltered, comfortable place to sleep outside.

3 woven laboni dog beds

While most of the Laboni Dog Beds feature a woven architecture, Ascot features a woven fabric on the bed cushions.

4 woven laboni dog beds

Cosmopolitan is a fun black and white design with an asymmetrical profile for a real modern look.

5 woven laboni dog beds

Less modern and more preppy are the Astoria Laboni Dog Beds. They even have piping and that weathered look rattan that is so popular.

6 woven laboni dog beds


All the Laboni Dog Beds come with padded bed cushions for that extra bit of comfort. This masculine style is the Manhattan and I think it is perfect for toy poodles. Did you notice this particular design does not include a weave of any sort? It’s the only one.

7 woven laboni dog beds

Calypso is a hot little number with a Mexican flavour and with its high sides all around it makes a great place to store dog toys.

8 woven laboni dog beds

Riva is the paw-fect dog bed for small dogs and big dogs alike. The high, soft sides create a cozy niche that they can feel protected in while they take a dog nap.

9 woven laboni dog beds

The Riva dog beds come in a wide range of fun colours, including this lime green.

10 woven laboni dog beds

The woven fabric within the Riva dog bed winds its way through and around the white frame, which peaks out for a little bit of extra pattern,

11 woven laboni dog beds

The Delano uses the woven design to create the colour and the fun. If you love a good geometric design, this one is for you.

12 woven laboni dog beds


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