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I am a real clock-watcher, I always want to know what time it is and have 7 clocks in various rooms around my home. As an artist and interior designer I want my clocks to be creative so it is no wonder I loved doing this post on 20 truly awesome clock designs.


2 clocks awesome designs

No one can ever accuse time of standing still with these two multi purpose clocks by Siren Elise Wilhelmnsen. The 365 Knitting Clock and the Grandfather Knitting Clock both knit 24 hours a day for 365 days to create a 2 metre scarf of your choice. If you start the scarf January 1st, each scarf will be like a new year’s present.

3 clocks awesome designs

The Cuckoo X CLOCK is not your traditional cuckoo clock, far from it. This clock is part of the Time Flies series by Haoshi, and includes a second cuckoo to help tell Haoshi’s poetic tale that it’s a big world out there.

4 clocks awesome designs

These four clocks are all made from corkboard with the idea that you can post reminders right onto the clock. Traditional in shape, these Rob Southcott designs are anything but traditional.

5 clocks awesome designs

These two Do Not Disturb clocks by Ernest Perera of Amor de Madre. are a pair of beech wood clocks called 2046 and 1742 - named after two famous room numbers. 2046 is from a Wong Kar-wai movie and 1792 is where John and Yoko spent their honeymoon.

6 clocks awesome designs

The Tag Clock by Hiroaki Matsuyama is shaped like a retail clothing tag, but this wood veneer clock looks so much better than its namesake. Another bonus to this paper thin veneer is how light weight it is, at only 60g the Tag Clock can hung from it’s string with just a simple piece of tape.

7 clocks awesome designs

Remarkably intricate and surprisingly versatile in style, the Botanica clock by Svetlana Mikhailova is made from clear oak veneer mounted on top of painted birch ply. Beautiful up close and just as beautiful from a distance.

8 clocks awesome designs

Not surprisingly, these pouch shaped clocks are called Kangourooo. Designed byi David Raffoul for Fabrica, the clocks allow you to leave a secret – or not so secret – message in the clock’s pouch.

9 clocks awesome designs

Featured earlier in this post was The Cuckoo X CLOCK by Haoshi, above are two more of his Time Flies clock series. Above right is the Swallow X CLOCK. These birds wait for no one as they fly around and around seizing the day and enjoying every second of it. Above left is the Goldfish X CLOCK, which leaves flying through the air behind in favour of an ocean concept. It also forfeits the standard hour locations for a more fluid formation – and yes that pun was intended.

10 clocks awesome designs

The Butterfly Foglia clock (above left) by Diamantine & Domeniconi feature butterflies breaking free of the clock face and flying away. Above right is the avant garde Omocha Clock by Form Studio. Omacha is a result of all the stuffed animals that Johan Lindsten encountered in claw machines, on bags, jackets and even cell phones. As Johan asks, “How many animals can collect over a lifetime?”

11 clocks awesome designs

Nature does not have to come in the form of an animal, bird or fish; here the Moss Clock by Noktuku is a round planter of real reindeer moss from Norway with a clock mechanism in the centre.12 clocks awesome designs

The Sand Clock by Studio Ayaskan creates a raked circular pattern across the sand as the clock arm rotates once around the clock face over the 12 AM hours. The arm is not only rotating around the clock but is also rotating itself with the help of a cog and after the 12 AM hours the Sand Clock arm has spun to its smooth side which slowly removes the sand ripples over the next 12 PM hours. Sound complicated? No worries, there is a video on the Studio Ayaskan site that is quite mesmerizing and Zen like.

13 clocks awesome designs

Trace is a clock that shows the passage of time by leaving a trail of colour as time passes - and then removing it. Based on the theme of anticipation, Trace is the sister design to the Sand Clock at Studio Ayaskan.

14 clocks awesome designs

Etch Clock by 42 Foundry transforms from a smooth surface to a clock with 3D digital numbers engraved into its face. It does this with a stretchable, flexible surface of elastomer held in place with an aluminium frame. You can sync and sensor Etch (via an app) to display time every 30 seconds or as an energy saver every 30 seconds only if there is ambient sound or noise in its vicinity.

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