Animal Shaped Furniture for Kids and Adults

All sorts of different ideas inspire furniture Designers and while many look to geometric or abstract forms, many others turn to nature for a muse. Some look to trees and landscapes, others look to animals and it is the animal shaped furniture for both kids and adults that really come to life – pun seriously intended.


Animal Shaped Furniture for Adults

2 animal shaped furniture

This Bear Table is as much a bench as it is a table. This creation by Daniel Lewis Garcia it is made from maple end grain plywood.


3 animal shaped furniture

Here’s a fun animal shaped furniture with hidden storage by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba. It is part of a series called Sending Animals.

4 animal shaped furniture

The Sending Animal series consists of a cow, a pig and a duck. Which is your favourite?

5 animal shaped furniture

Andre Simon’s Llama is an abstracted image that will add a touch of whimsy to any room. It’s a flat pack design so it is very easy to set up.


6 animal shaped furniture

This super cute stool is called Pio and it is made from a single block of aromatic cedar. Designed by Claudio Borgiani it is one of many fun designs through Riva.


7 animal shaped furniture

Paolo Salvade’s Ugo is a dachshund shaped aromatic cedar bench that is also through Riva. Such a paw-some design.


8 animal shaped furniture

Here’s a glossy animal shaped furniture called the Pappera Table by A Lot of Brazil. Designer Alessandro Mendini says he created two versions because “Geese don’t walk alone”, now that’s a considerate designer!


9 animal shaped furniture

Monkey see, monkey do or in this case Monkey is a fun concrete resin table by Jaime Hayon for BD Barcelona Design.


10 animal shaped furniture

Are you an Aries? If so you must love this Aries Cocktail Table by Jonathan Adler. I’m not an Aries but I am a huge fan of both Lucite and purple.


11 animal shaped furniture

Junior is a shelving unit that looks like a bear and has shelving on both sides making it equally as useful as a room divider.


12 animal shaped furniture

Ibride also makes a donkey desk called Maturin that comes complete with LED lighting with a touch sensitive dimmer and a mobile screen that conceals the workspace. Maturin also has secret drawers – cool.


13 animal shaped furniture

This is Diva Lucia the bird table and Adam the raven. All the ibride animal shaped furniture pieces are made from high pressure laminate and are shipped flat pack.


14 animal shaped furniture

There are so many dog beds styles but only one that I know of that is in the image of a dog. The Barkie Dog Bed by Arni Says is a private indoor/outdoor abode for your favourite canine friend that is virtually indestructible.


15 animal shaped furniture

A coffee table featuring two hippos is appropriately called Friends. Made by Mark Stoddart it is as much art as it is furniture. The Hipposare made from bronze and the design resembles a couple of calves peering out of the water.


16 animal shaped furniture

Mark’s Solid Bronze Rhino Coffee Table has its muse in the Black Rhino and was designed to help bring awareness to it’s endangered plight. It was designed with the help of the British Rhino Society, Mark is a member of the Save the Rhino Society.


17 animal shaped furniture

This Gorilla Chair by Robert Brou of Naturalism Furniture is made from stack laminated hand sculpted wood that has been finished in an ebonised black lacquer.


18 animal shaped furniture

Well here’s a ribbeting design. This Toad Sofa is part of an Animal Chair Collection by Maximo Riera, all of which have a artsy goth quality to them.


19 animal shaped furniture

The Octopus Chair by MaxiMo Riera is his very first design within the Animal Chair Collection.


20 animal shaped furniture

The Rabbit Chair by Stefano Giovannoni comes in both adult and child sizes and there is a third version that can be illuminated, thereby functioning as a lamp. The Rabbit Chair is made from polyethylene, making it as much an outdoor chair as an indoor one.


Animal Shaped Furniture for Children

21 animal shaped furniture

Designed by Natasa Njegovanovic, this cute pig chest is part of the Avila collection that consists of a cow shaped desk, a pair of cat and dog stools and a pencil holder that looks like a chicken.


22 animal shaped furniture

This animal shaped furniture collection was designed to encourage children’s natural creative response, serving as both toy and functional item.


23 animal shaped furniture

Designed by Ekaterina Shchetina and Libero Rutiilo of Design Libero, Animaze is a collection of animal shaped furniture modules that are upholstered and fit into solid wood outlines.


24 animal shaped furniture

Designed by Oiva Toikka, Dodo is part of the me too collection through Magis. A rocking bird it is made from rotational moulded polyethylene making it suitable for both inside and outdoors.


25 animal shaped furniture

Julian the Frog chair is the design of Javier Mariscal. Also part of the Me Too indoor/outdoor collection it is available in red, green, yellow and white.


26 animal shaped furniture

For those of you who do home schooling, wouldn’t the Le Chien Savant desk by Philippe Starck be just paw-some.


27 animal shaped furniture

This giraffe shaped bookcase by Royce Nelson is a fun pop of yellow that, while designed with children in mind, would look pretty cool in an adult space as well.


28 animal shaped furniture

This trio of animal shaped stools are called Bambi, Sheep and Cow and are the design of Takeshi Sawada. The seats are faux fur and the wood is either oak or walnut.


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