Animal Shaped Topiary

Animal shaped topiaries run the gamut of domestic to exotic, land based to air or water based but one thing any animal shaped topiary has is a sense of whimsy and fun.

Cats and Dogs as Animal Shaped Topiary

2 animal shaped topiary

Small topiaries can be created with the help of topiary cages, the overall shape is predetermined making the least artistic person able to create a fun animal shaped topiary. There are even dog breed topiary cages such as this Scottie perched in a planter at Black Barn Farm (above right).

While most topiary design is created using tight leaved box or small plants such as sedums, the above left shaggy dog sports a coat of long haired grass that makes him look uber realistic.

3 animal shaped topiary

In an all green landscape, animal shaped topiaries can add intrigue, like this topiary dog that is flushing out a topiary bird.

4 animal shaped topiary

The tabby pattern on this cute kitty is ever apparent by the variety of leaf shapes and colours adorning its topiary cage. A pair of golden eyes glisten against the foliage.

5 animal shaped topiary

This feline creation doesn’t sport a pair of golden eyes but has instead a set of purr-fectly groomed whiskers.

Farm Fresh Animal Shaped Topiaries

6 animal shaped topiary

Did you know that rabbit topiary is very popular in Europe? The cute bunny (above right) sits in a pot as though it is peering over the box hedge that frames a bed of beautiful flowers, while the cute bunny (above left) sits amongst the flowers.

7 animal shaped topiary

Nothing says farm more than horses and cattle and when they are free to wander and mingle together like these animal topiaries you know they are happy. This topiary vignette is located at a nursery in Houston, Texas.

8 animal shaped topiary

Goats are such fun creatures. Smart and mischievous they are known for their antics. I had a goat jump into my Suburban once, I don’t think this goat could do that. This goat was created for the International Mosaiculture Exhibition in Montreal, summer of 2013

9 animal shaped topiary

I knew some pigs could get big but I don’t think they can get this big! I love the casual layout of this topiary vignette, it seems so peaceful. Angry Boar

Birds of a Feather Topiary Together

10 animal shaped topiary

Chickens are now allowed in many cities, including mine but if your city does not allow them, you can always have a chicken topiary or two.

11 animal shaped topiary

These stunning crane topiaries would look so cool next to a small pond, especially one with gold fish in it.

12 animal shaped topiary

To create a boxwood topiary, it is best to start in the early summer or late spring and if you like the look of these birds, there are instructions here.

13 animal shaped topiary

There is something magical about owls, especially this one.

Featured Fish Topiary

14 animal shaped topiary

I love fish art incorporated into gardens so it stands to reason that I love this fish topiary swimming through the landscape, and I do!

Reptile Topiary Design

15 animal shaped topiary

All lily ponds need a frog, right? This lily pond has a big frog (above left) keeping its eyes open for a flying wiggly jiggly to land on the lily’s leaves.

The above right lizard topiary is made with succulents – 100s of Echeveria Imbricata to be exact. To keep it well drained it has been placed on a berm that follows its curvy body.

16 animal shaped topiary

At first glance the iguana topiary above left seems to be defying gravity but on second glance the tail on the ground gives away its not so precarious perch.

Above right is a small DIY turtle topiary created with sedums


Wild Animals make Wild Topiaries

17 animal shaped topiary

Bears might be wild but they seem to be showing up in a lot of backyards – topiary or otherwise.

18 animal shaped topiary

Bison are big animals and I think the only ones I would like to see up close are the ones made from plants, like in the above photo.

19 animal shaped topiary

How cute is this teeny tiny mini boxwood elephant located at Black Barn Farm? It even has its own patch of moss with a topiary ball to play with.


20 animal shaped topiary

These elephant topiaries are life sized and look so natural. If it wasn’t for the green colour you might even think they where real.

21 animal shaped topiary

Hah! Ring Tailed Lemur topiaries – how awesome. Tails held high, eyes big and round they are definitely guarding the ground they reside in. Did you know the Ring-Tailed Lemur is the most intelligent of all the Lemur species?

Just as awesome is this 10-foot topiary giraffe in Boughton Lees, Kent, England. Sadly, vandals decapitated it a few years back.

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