Animal Shaped Lights; 25 Wild Designs

Homeowners can really express themselves through their choice of lighting and the range of styles runs the gamut of everything and anything, even birds, bugs, animals and fish.

Animal Shaped Lights - Ceiling Pendants

2 animal shaped lights

Neon never looked better! This Blue Bird light pendant showcased above left also comes in pink and is the design of McCollin Bryan. The Jellyfish design above right is called Polyp and is part of the Medusea Collection of hanging lights by Roxy Russel. It is a flat pack, lightweight ethereal fixture that is bound to be the focus of attention in any room.

3 animal shaped lights

Rat a tat tat, Leti is a pendant light by Studio Macura that comes with a 3D woodpecker that clips onto the light’s cable.

4 animal shaped lights

The Buzz on Swarm Light by Jangir Maddadi is that it is a fan favourite. It brings together three simple materials: glass, wood and metal and the angle of each Swarm can be adjusted to suit its location.

Animal Shaped Lights – Wall Mount

5 animal shaped lights

Don’t you just love the eyes on TI.VEDO? The name means “I see You” in Italian. The owl shaped lamp sconces are created out of white matte ceramic, they are a Matteo Ugolini design for Karman.

6 animal shaped lights

Above left is the Monkey Lamp which comes in three versions, standing, sitting and climbing. This climbing wall mount Monkey Lamp certainly makes a wild statement. Above right is Moo by Trond Svendgard and Ove Rogne for Northern Lighting. It is a full-scale wall mounted Norwegian moose head with the lights in the horns. The body is a translucent poly-resin that glows when turned on.

7 animal shaped lights

Pop Up Lighting by Bikoyski Design has its muse in the magical world of pop up books and these trophy heads designed as folded origami style aluminum deer heads that “pop up”.

8 animal shaped lights

The painted Aluminium Peacock Pop Up Lighting hides its tail when turned off but when the LEDs are on, the tail feathers literally shine.

Animal Shaped Lights – Table Lamps

9 animal shaped lights

Another Origami style of lighting by Owl Paper Lamps features a variety of different animals shapes from owls, parrots, turtles and penguins,

10 animal shaped lights

The Karmanitalia TI.VEDO owl lamp is not only a wall sconce but a table lamp as well – too fun!

11 animal shaped lights

These whimsical giraffe lamps are by Leanter. The way he turned the giraffe spots into voids for the chord to meander through is pure genius.

12 animal shaped lights

Whatshisname’s Good Puppy lamp is supposed to make you uncomfortable and it certainly does me – and yet its part of everyday life for us dog owners. As uncomfortable as this lamp makes me, it also makes me smile and I like smiling.

13 animal shaped lights

Another fun fido light called Dog Lamp by Matt Pugh uses a lampshade for its head. Inspired by Matt’s dog Sampson, it is safe to say that Sampson thinks this design is fur-riffic! The Duck Lamp also by Matt Pugh is just as fun and maybe a little quackers.

14 animal shaped lights

LumiNose is a minimalist dog shaped lamp by Elizabeth Zimmerer that is held together with only four screws and wingnuts, even so it can be adjusted to sit up straight, stand at attention, lie down and even get in the “let’s play” position.

Animal Shaped Lights – Floor Lamps

15 animal shaped lights

Above left is the Neon Bird floor lamp in white by McCollin Bryan. Here the bird is in flight whereas in the ceiling pendant the bird is sitting on a perch, it seems almost backwards but that’s what makes them so interesting. Above right is the foxy Gren Ligh #2 which is part of the Gunnar Soren Petersen “Gren Light” series. It has an operable nose that dims or brightens its ears depending on which way you turn it.

16 animal shaped lights

Polly got a cracker? No? How about a little kinetic luminance? The Perch Light by Umut Yamac is not just a lamp but a rockin sockin handmade paper parrot that is activated by touching the brass perch. When touched or blown on by a breeze it also sways back and forth.

17 animal shaped lights

Above right is the Serralunga Paloma Garden Dove through Outdoor Chic. This outdoor light also doubles as a garden seat. Above right is the Rabbit Lamp by Stefano Giovannoni. Also an indoor/outdoor light it too can double as a seat. Designboom

18 animal shaped lights

Above left is the Monkey Lamp in the standing and sitting versions. Above right is the Fish Lamp by Frank Gehry. It was first created in 1984 when he was experimenting with Formica and accidentally dropped the laminate. He used the broken shards to create the fish scales and the rest as they say is history.

19 animal shaped lights

As with the Good Puppy table lamps, the Good Dog floor lamp by Whatshisname is not for everyone, I’m not even sure I would have it in my own home, even so I’ve always loved a design that tells a story – so maybe.

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