Egg Shaped Furniture, Lighting and Décor ideas for your Home or Garden

There is something pleasing about the shape of an egg. Whether you look at it or hold it, the egg shape offers a sense of calm. Calming as egg shapes may be, the following egg shaped furniture, lighting and décor ideas also offer a modern sense of playfulness that is both creative and calculated.

Egg Shaped Furniture

2 egg shaped furniture


The Split Egg Table was created by Just Plastics and is composed of an acrylic curio cabinet top with a metal base. While the top is egg shaped, the addition of concrete eggs inside the display case is about as creatively calculated as you can get.


3 egg shaped furniture lighting decor


Just as creative but much simpler in aesthetic is the solid oak Colombo, an artisanal egg-shaped furniture by Wewood for The Longest Stay. The “yolk” of the table is actually a rotating plate.


4 egg shaped furniture lighting decor


The totally amazing Giant Birdsnest comes from the minds of Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr of OGE Creative Group. While this is not an egg shaped furniture per say, the wooden nest is filled with egg shaped poufs and the nest comes in a variety of sizes that can hold from 2-3 people to a large nest that can hold up to 16 people.


5 egg shaped furniture lighting decor


The poufs in the Giant Birdsnest come in a wide variety of solid colours as well as these patterned ones – definitely the coolest nest on the planet.


6 egg shaped furniture lighting decor


Rhyme is an interactive egg shaped furniture designed specifically for disabled children and children with functional disorders. It has vibrations, images, lights and sound within it to help the children become less passive and isolated by triggering singing, dancing, exploration and climbing. Rhyme also comes with a microphone so that children can use their own voices to make their own music. Info via ScienceNordic


7 egg shaped furniture lighting decor


The original egg shaped furniture was the Ovalia Egg Chair by Henrik Thor Larsen ( pictured above left) for Torlan Staffanstorp in 1968. Since then the Ovalia has been re-interpreted in a variety of ways from the original pedestal base, to a Modern Egg Hanging Chair to even one with built in speakers.


8 egg shaped furniture lighting decor


Egg chairs have also been designed for the outdoors such as the above left rattan Nanna Ditzel Hanging Egg Chair which comes with its own stand. The above right egg shaped Events Nest outdoor daybed is faux rattan in a white finish. Described as a lying bed hotel, it would be a great way to watch the stars at night.


9 egg shaped furniture lighting decor


These ultra modern, ultra simple egg shaped poufs where designed by Denis Santachiara back in 1995 and are thankfully still available through Tekkashop.


10 egg shaped furniture lighting decor


The Giorgio EG003 Egg Shaped Footrest Stool was originally called Tato and comes is available in solid colours as well as these two patterns.


Egg Shaped Lighting

11 egg shaped furniture lighting decor


These two stunning egg shaped lighting designs are both by Federico Peri and are up for the German Design Award 2017. No wonder, they are beyond amazing – I love them both.


12 egg shaped furniture lighting decor


Above left is a mid century egg shaped 1960s Merano Glass sculpture by Missoni that has been newly wired with a cord line switch. Above right is the very contemporary Egg Lamp Feather by Bariot Alam. It reminds me of a star trek Tribble, but that’s just me.


13 egg shaped furniture lighting decor


These modern outdoor LED RGB lights are simply called “Egg” and are programmable to emit a whole variety of colours and shades. Made from tough, weatherproof PE plastic, it is also waterproof.


Egg Shaped Décor

14 egg shaped furniture lighting decor


Birdhouse by CPopp Workshop was originally created for a gallery show that benefited a local collage. It was so well received that cpapp workshop put it into production. The egg is handmilled from solid walnut or teak and the steel legs come in a raw burnished finish or powder coated in a variety of colours. While it is a working birdhouse it would make a beautiful indoor piece as well.


15 egg shaped furniture lighting decor


While this fun décor item is called “Ostrich Egg Walking” might look non-functional, the above left black legs are actually designed to hold real ostrich eggs and are available through Fine Home Products. The pair on the right from Global Views is also meant to hold real ostrich eggs. So playful!


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