Cactus Chair, Dress Chair and more from the wildly creative mind of Vedat Ulgen

While Vedat Ulgen furniture designs have a distinctly avant garde appearance – especially his Cactus Chair, thanks to his wildly creative mind they are still functional, easy on the eye, statement furniture designs that are perfect in any home.

2 cactus chair dress chair vedat ulgen

Vedat Ulgen likes to push the boundaries on how material is used, some pieces are out of the box designs, and others as in the above Woven Cube Coffee Table are the box.

3 cactus chair dress chair vedat ulgen

Even the Arc Series wall light is wildly creative with the grooves in a living edge walnut plank cut just wide enough to hold LED tubes that light up wirelessly, allowing the LEDs to extend out past the perimeter of the walnut – or not. They can also be removed and held like light sabres!

4 cactus chair dress chair vedat ulgen

Probably the most avant garde design of Vedat Ulgen is his limited-edition Cactus Chair that came with an actual cactus.

5 cactus chair dress chair vedat ulgen

Made from green tinged Lucite the Cactus Chair kept the living cactus up close and personal from every direction.

6 cactus chair dress chair vedat ulgen

Can you imagine sitting on the Cactus Chair?

7 cactus chair dress chair vedat ulgen

A little less scary than the Cactus Chair, but almost identical sans the green tinge is the Bond Chair.

8 cactus chair dress chair vedat ulgen

Bond is a series of furniture designs that are made from clear Lucite and include a shelf for featuring items. The above photo is the Bond Stool.

9 cactus chair dress chair vedat ulgen

The Bond Side Table by Vedat Ulgen incorporates an identical shelf location to the Bond chair while the bond Stool has the shelf much higher. Both could easily accommodate a cactus much the same as the Cactus Chair.

10 cactus chair dress chair vedat ulgen

The Bond Coffee Table does not come with grass but I love the inclusion of it in the above photo. It is a little less scary and far more calming than the Cactus Chair, don’t you think?

11 cactus chair dress chair vedat ulgen

The Biscuit series is identical to the Bond Series but replaces the clear Lucite with solid walnut. The name Biscuit comes from the only joinery used.

12 cactus chair dress chair vedat ulgen

Almost as avant garde as the Cactus Chair is the Worn series. Made from Eco-epoxy resin, denim and fibreglass, Vedat Ulgen recycled jeans into this super fun furniture series.

13 cactus chair dress chair vedat ulgen

The crumpled legs of the upcycled jeans seem to defy the ability to hold up the tempered glass top of the Worn Coffee Table. In fact, it almost looks like the legs are crumpling under the weight of their task.

14 cactus chair dress chair vedat ulgen

The Dress Chair is also part of the Worn series but is made with cotton rather than denim. The ribbon ties on the back of the chair make this a fantastic dining room chair option.

15 cactus chair dress chair vedat ulgen

The Worn Stool is made with a pair of upcycled jeans and is reminiscent of a bedroom or bathroom stool covered in cloths that have been casually tossed on it. All of us have done that at one time or another so this visual makes a great story.

16 cactus chair dress chair vedat ulgen

Vedat Ulgen


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