Knitted Glass by Carol Milne

Artist Carol Milne developed a technique to allow her to do what seems like the impossible – knit with glass. Carol is the lone pioneer in the field of knitted glass and came up with the idea as a way to combine her two passions of creating glass art and knitting.

Knitting with Needles

2 knitted glass carol milne

The first step in creating one of these Objet d’Art is to create the knitted glass out of wax and then encase it in a mould.

3 knitted glass carol milne

The wax is then melted away to create a cavity which is then filled with liquid glass at a temperature of 1400 to 1600 degrees.

4 knitted glass carol milne

This technique is called lost wax casting.

5 knitted glass carol milne

Once the knitted glass piece is cured Carol then delicately chips away at the mould to reveal her beautiful creations.

Knit Knots

6 knitted glass carol milne

Carol’s Knit Knots are a continuation of her Knitting with Needles experiments. This knitted glass series presents the knitting in a tighter knot formation.

7 knitted glass carol milne

The finished Knit Knots are denser in appearance, focussing less on the negative/positive space interactions and more on the textures created by the tightly knit glass.

8 knitted glass carol milne

Aside from having a tighter knit, the Knit Knots also feature more patterns and colours within each piece.

Hands Knitting Themselves

9 knitted glass carol milne

Taking the story of knitted glass one step further is the Hands Knitting Themselves series. These pieces are less fluid as though living in an inward world all to themselves.

10 knitted glass carol milne

Carol is the lone pioneer in the field of knitted glass. Pushing the limits of her material through persistent and relentless experimentation.

11 knitted glass carol milne

Carol Milne

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