Skull Lamp Designs that aren’t meant to Scare You

These fiercely fun skull lamp designs are bright, cheerful and not meant to scare you. Skull art has made it into our all year home décor and as such the skull designs have become friendlier and friendlier with skulls appearing to smile as if they are enjoying their home and those that live within it.

2 skull lamp designs

Colby Skull is a 9” table lamp by Williston Forge. It is an LED light designed to look as much like sculpture as a lamp. This is accomplished by setting the LED skull design onto a birch plywood stand with an acrylic glass support.


3 skull lamp designs

When I think of happy skull designs I always think of Day of the Dead. With the bold, bright colours and flower motifs, these Day of the Dead Lamp designs by Lionworks Designs are aptly named. What makes these skull lamp designs extra special are their mohawk hairdos provided by the Edison bulbs. Source


4 skull lamp designs

Made with concrete and copper, Skull Light by Studio BAAG is as much a piece of art as it is a lamp design. The Edison bulb within casts a dim glow to emphasize the sculptural aspect of this gorgeous design. Source


5 skull lamp designs

The Skull lamp design in the above photos are created using LEDs making this a very energy efficient lamp. Called Flower Skull 3D LED Lamp, the lamp is acutally 2D with the illusion of depth.


6 skull lamp designs

This battery operated LED Metal 10 Light skull is by Holiday Aisle has a silver glittered face in a metal frame.

Very similar in look is the Glitter Skull Marquis by Penn Distributing. Both have a retro flair similar to Hollywood lights – hence the name on this green faced skull lamp. Source

7 skull lamp designs


This skull lamp design by Qeeboo is also a functional planter or cooler, making it a great addition to your garden or patio. This multi purpose light is called Mexico after a massive hit by Zangeres Zonder Naam, an Italian singer whose velvet curtains where always closed.


DIY Skull Lamp Designs

8 skull lamp designs

This Veroni style skull lamp takes about 12 hours to 3D print and has a thickness of 19mm. If you own a 3D printer this would be a “fierce” project to take on n’es pas? Source


9 skull lamp designs

Since the Veroni style skull lamp design is made DIY, you can choose to print it in any colour you want. You can even add eyes to it if you want. Source


10 skull lamp designs

The ultimate DIY skull lamp design comes with instructions, and this one does. Made with a Crystal Head Vodka skull, the lamp has LEDs added to it AND is filled up with water for the eerie glow. Not only does this lamp come with step by step instructions, there is also a video! Source


11 skull lamp designs

If you like the DIY crystal vodka skull lamp design but prefer not to make it yourself, Peared Creation can make it for you. This Crystal Head Vodka Lamp of theirs has a real steam punk and/or industrial vibe with the addition of the plumbing parts – especially the on/off faucet handle. Power is supplied by a retro style cloth covered cord. Source


12 skull lamp designs

Another source of vintage crystal vodka skull lamps is AliExpress. Here you can get pendants sconces and lamps made with the iconic vodka containers. Source


Skull Shades

13 skull lamp designs

Skull lamp designs don’t have to be the complete lamp, skull shades can be a softer way to incorporate the look such as seen in the above Zazzle Skull Tattoo Table Lamps.


14 skull lamp designs

If you want to add a touch of skull to your home dining experience, these Skull Tattoo Hanging Lamps through Zazzle are just the answer and if you already have a pendant lamp, simply swapping the shade would be an easy DIY answer, assuming the shade is hooked up the same. Source


15 skull lamp designs

Tripod Table Lamps are smaller than a regular lamp and can be tucked into more locations, making the addition of a skull lamp design into your décor even easier to do. Source



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