Outdoor Lighting for Outdoor Living


With the trend in interior and architectural design to extend the living portion of the home to the outdoors, it is no wonder that light designers everywhere are embracing the idea of producing outdoor lighting for outdoor living. The sky really is the limits as lamps are strung from treetops, floated on water, perched on a deck, sat amongst plants, or even turned into a planter or table.

Outdoor Lighting for your Patio

2 outdoor lighting outdoor living


Sometimes outdoor lighting looks like indoor lighting, such as these two patio lamps. Above left is Pamela designed by Ramon Ubeda and Otto Canalda while above right is Mate by Geert Koster. Metalarte


3 outdoor lighting outdoor living


These lit spheres remind me of beach balls or balloons that you kick or toss around for fun, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to do either. Called Ex moon 3 these completely waterproof orbs are made of Nebulite which allows the lamps to be very bright at night. Light Shopping


4 outdoor lighting outdoor living


These ghostly patio lamps are called My Your Penelope, slightly taller than the average person at over 2 metres high which really pushes the ethereal aesthetic MyYour Penelope might just be my absolute favourite patio lamp of all time. Outdoor Chic


5 outdoor lighting outdoor living


Designed by Trond Svendgard, Moo is a full-scale wall mounted Norwegian moose head with the lights in the horns. Made with a translucent poly-resin, Moo glows when turned on. Northern Lighting


6 outdoor lighting outdoor living


How much fun would it be to have 3 lights monkeying around as your outdoor garden lighting? Monkey Lamps either sit, stand or climb giving you lots of opportunities to incorporate them into not just your patio but your garden as well. Marima


7 outdoor lighting outdoor living


The Original 1227 Giant Outdoor Floor Lamp is a triple scale version of the iconic 30s desk lamp used by British novelist Roald Dahl while he wrote his best selling books such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, etc.


Outdoor Lighting for your Garden

8 outdoor lighting outdoor living


Baby Love Garden Lights are beautiful roses in a rather grandiose scale, these whimsical rose patio lights can be spiked into the ground to anchor them or they can be set onto the patio itself. Outdoor Chic


9 outdoor lighting outdoor living


The Serralunga Paloma Garden Dove is not just a super cool patio lamp in the shape of a dove, it is also a patio seat and unlike most outdoor lighting, this one comes in a plug in model and a wireless version with a removable light system that can be recharged. Outdoor Chic


10 outdoor lighting outdoor living


Above left is the Tulip Light by MyYour stands a whopping 1.5 meters high and gives a whole new meaning to standing tall! While the above photo showcases it in a pristine white, it is also available in red, green, orange and purple. Outdoor Chic

Above right is the Rabbit Lamp by Stefano Giovannoni. Also an indoor/outdoor light it too can double as a seat. Designboom


11 outdoor lighting outdoor living


Above left is Friday by Serraydelarocha. It is composed of 2 rotomoulded polyethylene cones for a fun geometric statement. Above right is Nawa by Antoni Arola. Within a garden the silver anodized alluminum Nawa makes a grand minimalist statement. Metalarte


Outdoor Lighting for your Pool

12 outdoor lighting outdoor living


The Waterproof Pool Lamp by Hector Serrano actually looks like a lamp but rocks a fun floating artsy vibe. Metalarte


13 outdoor lighting outdoor living


Baby Love Garden Lights are beautiful roses in a rather grandiose scale that just so happen to also include this seriously whimsical floating version. Outdoor Chic


Outdoor Lighting as Planters

14 outdoor lighting outdoor living


Called the Bones collection and designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, these planters come in a variety of heights and widths, my favourite is the tall column! Vondom


15 outdoor lighting outdoor living


This traditional looking planter on a grand is called Anegeli , how awesome would it be to see a few of these placed around a garden or patio? Domus


16 outdoor lighting outdoor living


Kube High Slim are modern planters that can easily be seen both day and night – I love how they can create a privacy screen for a deck.

Kube High Slim through Domus


17 outdoor lighting outdoor living


Ikon has a tried and true planter shape, as an outdoor light it is as gorgeous in white as it is in yellow or red. Domus


18 outdoor lighting outdoor living


These daytime white and night time sherbert coloured lamp planters are not lit up by any standard bulb or LED, instead they are completely solar which means they can be used in remote locations. Gardener’s Supply Company


Outdoor Lighting for El Fresco Dining

19 outdoor lighting outdoor living


The Halley Floor to Floor Outdoor Lamp by Jordi Vilardell can be used a a single arc or multiple arcs, the choice is yours. Y Lighing


20 outdoor lighting outdoor living


These eggs-tra special outdoor table lamps are rechargeable RGB LEDs, meaning they can change colour depending what’s on the menu. DH Gate


21 outdoor lighting outdoor living


Super sized outdoor garden lighting never looked so good – or so retro. Talk about making a giant statement! The Original 1227 Giant Outdoor Wall Mounted Lamp by Anglepoise is sure to make any El Fresco dining experience memorable.


Outdoor Lighting to Suspend from a Tree or Arbour

22 outdoor lighting outdoor living


This outdoor lighting collection are called Gregg Lights and are the design of Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. I love how they add a sculptural dance to the sky. Foscarni


23 outdoor lighting outdoor living


These Morning Glory Lights are a great example of how you can dress up an evergreen with a little bit of colour and a little bit of light. Gardeners Supply Co


24 outdoor lighting outdoor living


The phrase “Star light, star bright” takes on a whole new meaning with these Solar Star Lanterns. If case you where wondering, the basket shaped cage comes with the lights! Plow & Hearth


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