Cat Bed called Nest that doubles as a Side Table by Krab

Wout wanted to find a cat bed that would that would be fun for her two cats and functional in his small space but he couldn’t find anything on the market he liked so he asked a friend to help him create something that was functional, beautiful and definitely fun.


2 cat bed nest krab

Nikita is not just a friend, but a designer as well so between the two of them they where able to create the gorgeous Nest and with the beautiful cat bed ready to go to market they also co-founded Krab , a company that will specialize in Cat products.

3 cat bed nest krab

Nest is made from veneered wood assembled with a mid-century aesthetic with its simple silhouette and splayed legs, but it is the other details that make this cat bed so special.

4 cat bed nest krab

The cat bed has a round cut out for the cat to enter as well as a rising sun graphic cut out for ventilation as well as for cats to peer through.

5 cat bed nest krab

The two cut outs offer cats a safe and cozy place to hide or cat nap while still keeping an eye and ear on what is happening around them.

6 cat bed nest krab

The splayed adjustable legs and entry are both detailed with a dark matte black to contrast with the pale poplar wood that has been finished in a sustainable lacquer.

7 cat bed nest krab

A soft and fluffy blanket of faux fur lines the inside of Nest, making this cat bed super soft and comfy but eliminating the build up of cat hair as the pillow is easy to remove and clean.

8 cat bed nest krab

We all know that cats love boxes and as intricate and beautiful as Nest is, to a cat it is also the ultimate box.



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